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Edward Ramsey-Lewis
Class of 1973
Gayle Johnson has passed away. Now with her Dad to spoil her, and sister to annoy. It's a happy place.

Edward Ramsey-Lewis
Class of 1973
Of note, Gayle Johnson, class of 1965, is now in Hospice care at Bridgewater Home, recently diagnosed with Stage 4 brain and lung cancer. My thoughts and prayers are with her remaining family members.

Edward Ramsey-Lewis
Class of 1973
Myrna Isabelle, class of 1973, went to be with her Lord Jan. 13,2017. A true humanitarian, filled with passion, ran The Kirby House for the Elderly. Busy hands, now at rest.

Class of 1960
To Marie Fuller - I live in Havana, Florida. When and where is the 2017 reunion? be great to see you!

Edward Ramsey-Lewis
Class of 1973
Good day! Correcting error in Alumni newsletter, Vol.12, Issue 13. First prize team in golf tournament, Jack Kearney, not Dearney.Y'all know who we had for an English teacher. *smile*

John Burnett
Class of 1967
Jackie Baker. Sorry to hear of your mom's passing. Great lady. One of those grey hairs in her head was caused by me but loved her. John

Karen Ludwig
Class of 2015
I'm enjoying retirement and even enjoying the opportunity to be a substitute. I'd like to remind everyone that the Elementary School is continuing to collect Box Tops, Coke Reward codes (found in cases of soda and under caps of individual bottles.) Both of these programs give us money for extra programs and actitives for your children. Campbell's will be closing it's program next summer, but for now we are collecting their points. Every little bit helps! Send your donations to Kate Moody P.O. Box 5 Afton School Afton, NY 13730 Thanks!

Wendy Poyer
Class of 1987
With a very heavy heart i am posting that Kathie Tuttle-Kilbury -class of `65 has passed away in a terrible car accident that happened yesterday afternoon.Please keep her family in your thoughts and prayers

chris mandyck
Class of 1984
Sorry to hear about Kay Baker. Lovely person. saw her everyday walking to school down from spring street. Heard her every weekend playing organ at St Agnes and taught my sister Anne, who filled in when she could. One of the sweetest people ive ever known. God Bless.

Paul Graf
Class of 1972
I'd like to inform everyone of the 8/31/16 death of Mrs. Kay Baker, a teacher in Afton School from 1942-1973, (31 years)! She was 99 1/2! (By the time we graduated, Mrs. Baker was a study hall teacher.) As Kay and her husband Everett were our dear family friends, my sister Jane, along with my wife Colleen, and I will be in Afton for her funeral Mass at St. Agnes, Saturday 08OCT, at noon. We will join Kay's daughters, Jacquie and Judy, to say our goodbyes, and would love to see any Afton-area friends at the funeral! Hope to see you there!

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