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Paul Graf
Class of 72
Hello friends, My brother, sister and I will celebrate the life of our Mom, Mary Jane (aka "Doc's wife") this Saturday, Sep 30, at 1100, at a Funeral Mass at St. Agnes Church. If you are available, Jane, Dan, and I would love to see you!

Wendy Poyer
Class of
Attention Afton Alumni-with fall upon us our executive committee is now putting together our fall newsletter. For anyone wishing to put an article in(upcoming reunions etc.), now is the time to get that put together and emailed to me please,the deadline is Sept.30. In the spring we will be doing our mass mailing which means everyone with a current email or mailing address will receive a copy . Now would also be a good time to update your contact information with me(your privacy is protected).Thanks!

Karen Moore
Class of 1973
I was just enjoying photos from the 2017 Alumni get together. One day I hope to get there to join you all! Good to see some fondly remembered faces: Cathy Henry, Eddie Ramsey, Mark and Vicky, Martha Sutton, and Harold Wicks...who looks just the same! Love and peace, Karen

Wendy Poyer
Class of 1987
So my fellow alumni,its that time again, time to send me either via a private message here on fb, email or phone call, your (feel free to submit your sibilings/spouses also) updated contact information. Even if you`ve already sent it in the past, please send it again. The alumni assoc. will be sending our" bulk mailing "newsletter in the spring to every alumni listed in the database and by updating your contact information,it saves alot of easily avoidable returned newsletters. Please indicate also if you prefer an electronic vs hardcopied newsletter. Your personal information is never shared without your permission. My email address is :,my phone number is 607-634-4134. No calls after 9pm please. Our association is also looking for class delegates for the classes that are missing them.You can find the list on this website: click on the "class delegates"tab. Thank you!

Class of 1976
Who determines who gets on the "wall of fame?" Why aren't there more inductees? How about considering Mr. Mandyck? Mr Powers?

Wendy Poyer
Class of 1987
Just as a reminder the annual golf tournament that`s held on alumni weekend had to be changed to Sunday July 9th.Registration begins at 10:30.If you received the newsletter via email the date is incorrect. Sorry for any confusion :/

Scott Latsha
Class of 1983
The ACSAA logo on the home page has been fixed. Can't believe I never noticed that. Thanks Kristin!

Adele Schoterman
Class of 1954
I have thoughts of attending this years reunion. Is anyone of that era planning to attend? Come on, all. I'm traveling from Arizona in my RV. Let's get together! I wish I could post my email address here....

chris mandyck
Class of 1984
Sorry to hear of the passing of Ken Wilcox. Sympathies to the family.

Kristin Burden
Class of 1993
Who is in charge of the website? On the front home page for the Alumni Association, on the top left corner is a red square. It says Welcome Afton Central School Afton, NY Alumni Association. ASCAA. Shouldn't it be ACSAA? It's driving me nuts.

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