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Our old website was created in 2005. It served us well for these past 13 years, but it was time for a update.  If you don’t see your favorite content (class delegates, scholarship winners, photos), be patient.  New content will be added over the next few weeks.  The 2018 alumni weekend information is available.  You will need to register in order to post comments.  More to come!

21 thoughts on “New website”

  1. Love the pictures around Afton, and am looking forward to much more content. Great job to Wendy and Scott for this new sight and looking forward to many comments. Also a shout out to Charlie and his work on the old sight and getting the data base going.

  2. Hi all, I’m would like to get your opinion on the all the school shootings going on.
    Any thoughts on a real solution?
    Does everyone need to move to Afton too learn how to live?

    1. We were truly blessed to receive the education we did at ACS. Living now where the public school population speaks 47 different languages, I have no idea how anyone learns anything.

    1. I just added the class directory and alumni search pages to the new website. However, due to privacy concerns, we only show locations for alumni, not email addresses. If you need contact info for a specific person, let me know.

  3. Hi! I echo Mike Fisher’s comment! I love the new site. It is easier to navigate and loads so much faster. But I miss the class/alumni list. Hope it will be returning soon.

  4. Hello- I have enjoyed going to the Ice Breaker and the Alumni Dinner for the last two years, with Pat Stafford, and seeing many I know, many I don’t. I am trying to contact Ernie Cutting about something- could you have him e-mail me? Thank you-Cindi Heath [Brackett]

  5. Harry Scott graduated with the class of 1979. He was killed in an accident in October of 1979. Please add his name to the directory as a graduate of the class of 1979.

  6. So sad that one of our own respected member of our Alumni Association, recently passed away. Charlie Decker was a big help in our earlier stages of development and has been a valuable resource for the Historical Society as well as a citizen who cannot be replaced in the Afton Community.
    In addition, since our July j1918 reunion, the class of 1952 have bid adieu to two members. Duane Kane was one of the original searchers for Alumni members since the old records were destroyed in the flooding years ago. Duane was a “class clown”, energetic in many respects. Word has also been received that Don Conklin, who was another leader for you school. He had his own accounting businesss in Illinois but came back to Afton every summer, to go to the Fair, attend our annual meetings, and connect with old friends and families. Hs death was sudden and he was at our last reunion so it is sad to know we won’t have the pleasure of having him again.

    1. I’m sorry to hear of Charlie deckers passing. He was a town institution, with a plethora of historical facts. RIP old friend…

  7. Shoutout to class of 1954!!!! Let’s all plan on the reunion next year . It will be our 65th!! Is that even possible? Our numbers are dwindling. Let’s do it one more time, for the old times. I plan to travel from Tucson, Arizona, so don’t let distance be a deterrent, OK? I know, I know…I’m younger than all of you and always will be. Suck it up, buttercup!
    Let’s rattle those halls of ivy one more time! 🤷‍♀️🌈❤️

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